Monday, 16 April 2012

My 2 cents.

New Eden being the vast sandbox that it is, I find it quite difficult to fathom how quite a large number of players spend their entire Eve Online existence within the bounds of High Sec. As a young player I quite often ventured out on my own to Low Sec and Null Sec looking for adventure. Reflecting on those experiences I have absolutely no idea how I managed to survive some of them, I did die more often than I survived but overall I found those experiences most entertaining and educational.

I find in High Sec a lot of players are a little bit too complacent, and forget about the dangers that can be posed to them. I recently returned from Null and decided I'd set one of my alts down and do a bit of light mining. Whilst I was mining away some other player warped in and started trying to mine the asteroids I was already harvesting. I thought to myself, "wow this guy is a retard", and after about 10 minutes he went off to another belt.

About 40 minutes later I got ganked, it's alright though I got a laugh and they failed to get my hauler alt. Now in hindsight I realise that, that random that had appeared in the belt was probably identifying whether or not I was a bot. Ganking is a part of Eve whether people like it or not, a dead Hulk is a dead Hulk, no use crying over some spilt ore, you just have to pick yourself up and get back into it.

I think events such as Hulkageddon are important within the Eve sandbox, it gives people a reminder that no where is safe and that they should always be on the look out for potential threats. Cause some High Sec havoc! flip cans, take salvage, lock randoms on Jita 4-4 undock, bump orcas and mining barges off asteriods and smartbomb their containers for the lolz. Have fun with what Eve has to offer, it is a truly unique place and you never know what is lurking within the shadows of the next star gate.

Player base raging over MTs in Jita, looked fun so I joined in.

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  1. Indeed - even if one isn't into pvp as such, the ever-present danger makes this world so unique. I spent some time running reactions, which meant shuffling hundreds of millions worth of materials in to and out of lo-sec. It would have made for some epic killmails had I been caught.