Thursday, 12 April 2012

Let's see what's out there, Engage!

I remember quite clearly as a young child I used to carry around a hardcover space exploration textbook, and I would walk up to anybody present in the same room and start explaining all the different planets and moons to them.

Space and the universe in general had captured my heart from a young age and have always been of a great interest to me, so it comes as no surprise to anybody who knows me that the Sci-Fi genre is something that I enjoy immensely.

Another hobby of mine that I am rather passionate about is gaming. I game quite a lot and Eve Online is a complete dream come true. It is probably the game I am most dedicated to, 3 accounts, 2 1/2 years, almost 3000hrs in-game time later and I still cannot get enough.

My reasons for wanting to write this blog are simple. I have been tasked in my job to start contributing to a work related blog and I have found in the past that I struggle with such things, simply because I really have no idea what to say or write about and quite frankly I don't think people find what I have to say all that interesting.

I do enjoy writing and I figure if I can keep this personal blog going focused on a topic that I have an immense interest in that it will help me with the other task at hand.

There is always something interesting happening in Eve so it shouldn't be difficult for me to keep this up, and I have a serious problem with the screenshot button. If there was a screenshot rehab, I'd be in it lol. So I'd really enjoy sharing my screenshot library and numerous stories with others.

Until next time... enjoy this screenshot I took of my Rifter :)

Jita, The Forge. 

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