Friday, 13 April 2012

A brief overview of my journey to date.

I became a member of the Eve Online community during November of 09' during the Apocrypha expansion. I had briefly tried other MMOs suggested to me by a past boyfriend, but none of them really grabbed me and made want to thrust my hands into my pockets and start yelling "TAKE MY MONEY!". None of them presented me with enough of a challenge, it felt as though everyone was the same, and there was virtually nothing to risk and no consequences for your actions.

I know that is what makes Eve special, I love that players can lie, cheat and steal their way around New Eden. Luckily for me when I was a fresh faced pod pilot, I wasn't too discouraged by the Ibis and had some friends to help me out and give me a run down of how things work.

I probably spent the first 8 months running missions and building wealth and standing, followed by over a year of Faction War, I then wondered out to Null for about 6 months and now currently back in Faction War. I'll give null another go once I can fly a carrier, I found it frustrating not being able to move my assets around without relying too heavily on others to lend me a hand.

When starting a game such as Eve the thing I find the hardest is naming your character. I originally named my character "Jillaye" then later decided that I didn't particularly like the bloodline I had chosen. I hit biomass on that character and didn't really want to wait out the 14 hr timer, you can now hunt me down in-game as "Jillay3". lol seriously, I need more pvp experience ;)

Jillay3 09'
Jillay3, present day.

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