Thursday, 3 May 2012

Courage, Endurance, Mateship, Sacrifice.

These four words could be used to epitomise the foundation of the Australian Army, the legacy of the Kokoda Track is a fantastic example of what all four of these words stands for. In my previous post I was talking about attending the annual ANZAC day roam that is organised by a few cool dudes each year.

This year was to be a tier 3 Battlecruiser gang and we managed to get 100+ to form up in about 30 minutes. We were encouraged to name our ships after fallen soldiers, I couldn't settle on any particular name so I decided to go with a submarine instead. The HMAS Rankin. It was also compulsory to carry Exotic dancers, Tobacco and Spirits in your cargo hold.

We formed up in Vuorrassi and rallied on the Nalvula gate. I had decided on flying a Naga, I don't think it was too bad and I quickly became quite fond of the space brick. Probably lucky for the guys on comms that my mic was malfunctioning and I had decided not to use it, but I had crafted a half arsed theme song for flying the naga... "NANANANANANANANA NAGA!" I just can't help myself... Kinda like that time when I tried to parody Blink 182's "What age age again?" as What's my range again? anyhow I might post about that some other time, I digress.

After we had set off I was listening to everyone having a good time on comms, everybody was asked to sing the Australian and New Zealand national anthems for good measure, and through out the duration of the roam various members x'd up to sing some Aussie classics for isk prizes from ACDC, INXS, Men at Work to Kylie Minogue.

As we bounced around Tribute, Vale of the Silent and Geminate, it was slim pickings. Though being a Wednesday night in Australia that is not very surprising. As we went on it became clear that a few members of the fleet that were affiliated with NC. could not put their differences aside for a few hours and decided to start attacking other fleet members. After these nuisances were dealt with, we continued bouncing back and forth.

After about forty minutes we encountered an Abaddon fleet which belonged to... surprise! NC. I think we managed to get a few before I got primaried and went down in flames, but it was great. Being quite a long way from any ships I decided it was best I dropped fleet as it was getting late and I had work the next morning. It was a lot of fun and I can;t wait to attend next year :)

Also for any Aussies or New Zealanders interested in attending the Australian EVE Online Fanfest scheduled for November I have included some links below:!/eveaustralia

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